Nazarene Youth Take Over Worship

For the past few years, the Nazarene Church in Ashton has had a thriving youth group. They meet up twice a week for fun and learning, go to each others houses, watch movies, make pizzas … all the things.

For the past few years, they’ve been focused on getting through Covid, helping each other through school, being friends.

A few months ago, they, ably supported by some of our youth workers, Lauren, Matthew and Gino, decided to take over our Sunday services every so often.

This means that they play the music and sing, of course. They also plan the set, decide on the songs, and how they should be sung.

We’re a few sessions into them doing this now, and they are doing great.

You can see the full service on our Facebook page here, and we are very, very proud of them.

They’re learning the ropes, and doing it fast! They are giving this such passion, and everyone in the service loved having them running things.

Interested in our youth group? Know someone that might like to come along?

Read more about it here